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The BlackBerry Playbook – Apps

Those in the market for an easy to carry tablet looking for either a high degree of business functionality, a great deal of multimedia capability, or both, should seriously consider the BlackBerry Playbook. It has similar features to competing tablets, including thousands of apps, while offering unique differences that help it stand out from the crowd of […]

3 Easy Ways to Save Energy Now

People, no matter what their age or make, are realizing how important it is to do their part in helping the earth. Figuring out a method for doing this, however, can be confusing, especially for those with no prior experience. If you want to lend a hand, you can start with conserving energy. 1. It […]

Renewable Energy Jobs

Against a global backdrop of rocketing oil costs and worries about climate change and security of energy consumption, interest in renewables has never been more intense. Renewable energy is energy from natural sources – the wind, sun, geothermal, waves and tides, and water – which, unlike fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil, will […]

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Different fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, renewable energy is sustainable because it is derived from inexhaustible sources such as the sun (solar), wind, biomass, water (hydro) and geothermal. Renewable energy sources are not man made and occur naturally. Because of their sustainability, renewable energy sources can be counted upon for producing long […]

How To Reduce Your Home Energy Bill

Renewable energy is the way to go in today’s world. It is a approach in which natural energy such as wind, solar, water and geothermal are used instead of other non-renewable sources of energy to heat or cool a house and run the everyday activities. Green energy is better for the earth and for the […]

Types of Renewable Energy

The universal battle against climate change has promoted both developed and developing nations to lessen carbon dioxide emission. Signatories of the Kyoto Protocol lead the world to emanation lessening activities, one of which is implementing research and development on renewable energy. Here are six types of renewable energy sources that are being determined to power […]

Uses for Solar Energy

While utilizing solar energy to run lights or part of an office building is becoming commonplace, many people are at a loss for how they too could be using solar energy to lead a greener lifestyle. Technological innovations in solar electricity and solar panels are quickly picking up speed, and so are the applications for […]

How Solar Power Works

With more and more focus being placed on renewable energy and energy efficiency, it’s no wonder that solar power is becoming so popular. People of all ages are becoming more interested in green energy and its applications, but many people don’t really know how it works. Because of this, we’re going to review how solar […]

Producing Free Electricity

Across the planet, the need of the hour is to use renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy from natural resources, such as sunlight, rain, wind, tides, and geothermal heat. Energy sources are using up at an thrilling rate, which makes it imperative to utilizethe energy that is abundant and free like solar and wind. Not […]

The Problems With Fossil Fuels

The news is always bustling with information about renewable energy and how it is becoming increasingly popular. What is this energy entirely? The actual definition of this energy is any form of energy that does not “run out,” and is stable. Solar energy is renewable energy. Wind and water energy is as well. Even the […]